Custom Steel Stairs and Rail

This client added a garage apartment with second flooraccess from the rear. In addition to a large stair run to gain access to the new apartment, they also needed a small stair run to create a path from an existing patio to the rear of the addition. The rails were tricky to source as we needed to match the existing pickets and newels.

We added a gate to the top of the lower stair to ensure the family pets were safe and where they belong.

Custom Reproduction Couch

One of my brothers, Paul, brought me a special challenge. There was a mid-century design sofa he wanted but the price tag is exorbitant even on his engineers salary. We took the appropriate measurements, made a few custom adjustments per his size and not down. Furniture takes quite a bit of adjustment and patience, especially on the one offs.

We surfaced the gaps with a light wire mesh and I made custom Black Walnut arms.

The frame will be an enamel white and the cushions will be black brown and white hair-out cowhide. Superior to its inspiration in every way.

Structural Ibeam with Architectural Signifigance

Some long iron is needed for structural integrity and strength and some steel is for aesthetic. On this project, it was both. The homeowner is the designer and wanted to expose some of the structural elements to incorporate them into the design. This was not without challenges as we had to crane in literally thousands of pounds of ibeam, under a soffit, and through an exact perforation in the wall at one end in order to set the beams atop their posts.

Did I mention this was all I the rain,

And mud. 

The results were fantastic though. Plumb, Square, Level, Perfect.

Custom Exterior Window Basket Rails & Matching Interior Rails

This work is for a client who is modernizing a very nice mid-century property in an effort to make-safe some of the original work and bring everything to code, while complimenting the architecture.

We (at the clients request) added the steel sub-framed ipe deck rather than replace the window basket on this portion because this is a sliding door.

Custom Steel Window Grid

we made this custom steel window grid on an emergency call from one of our custom home builder clients. The house was not “dried in” and the rain in our area has been truly epic. To compound the problem, the home was restricted to using wood framed windows. The builder had ordered six large windows to create this window wall but needed a grid strong enough to hold the weight. Steel was the answer.

Custom Steel Wainscoting

A popular local restaurant needed a cover on this window, which had been “wrapped” with an advert. The wrap was taking heavy damage at the foot level as there were frequently tables and chairs in moved about in the lower portion of the space.

Our answer was a custom steel wainscot with angle iron bracing. It not only covered the damage and protected the window surface behind, but also complimented the existing steel architecture.

Russian Shashlik

i have a friend in the gaming industry who worked in St Pretesburg for a few years. When he returned one of the things he described missing was the Russian style of barbecueing kabobs over a steel box called a Shashlik. So, I made him one. 

Wimberley Flood

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the storm and floods in Wimberley.  

We have started helping a few people by providing our services in the area. If anyone knows someone in the area, please pass along our info.  Roll-off containers are an easy way to dispose of all the material ruined in the floods.