Levander Loop (In Progress)…

The Levander Loop office project consist of  an industrial warehouse being converted into a modular co-working space near the corner of Cesar Chavez and 183.

View from street.

Cesar Chavez Street view.

1. For this project we are installing a unique system of green barrier framing designed by Mark Hutchinson which will all but eliminate heat transfer and create an well insulated energy efficient working space.  The building will feature a steel frame mezzanine in the middle of the building.

This is unique wood framing in the interior of the building which our carpenters are installing.

Exterior run of framing with moisture barrier (view 2).

2. The erection of the central steel mezzanine is seen here.

Installation of beams for central steel box construction.

Setting beams for central steel mezzanine.

Installation of steel beam (2).

Setting of steel beams (2).


Mezzanine in progress.

Mezzanine fitted and ready for weld-off.

Thanks to Roy for making sure Shane got this one right.

R3 also did the selective demolition of the original building to make way for the new design, see the photos in the gallery below for examples of the demolition.

This is an ongoing project. Look for more information and pictures to come.

(All photos by: James Schleicher)



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