50,000 sqft Demolition 

This is an old Albertons at William Cannon & Westgate. Going to be turned into 2 spaces: A church and a trampoline fun park called ‘Altitude’. Literally tons of material came out of this place. Recycled metal, concrete, and several walk in coolers. Second picture shows a ‘new’ scissor lift we bought…more toys!


Castillian Demolition

Although I personally never had the pleasure of living in the Castillian, I did visit many times. Good to see this building will be receiving a face lift/new look.

We are nearing the end of a 4 week demolition project. Tasked with removing concrete from the soffits/overhangs, tearing out walls, and removing the front facade, we are nearly done.

This is our highest profile job to date.


Custom Steel Stairs and Rail

This client added a garage apartment with second flooraccess from the rear. In addition to a large stair run to gain access to the new apartment, they also needed a small stair run to create a path from an existing patio to the rear of the addition. The rails were tricky to source as we needed to match the existing pickets and newels.

We added a gate to the top of the lower stair to ensure the family pets were safe and where they belong.

Custom Reproduction Couch

One of my brothers, Paul, brought me a special challenge. There was a mid-century design sofa he wanted but the price tag is exorbitant even on his engineers salary. We took the appropriate measurements, made a few custom adjustments per his size and not down. Furniture takes quite a bit of adjustment and patience, especially on the one offs.

We surfaced the gaps with a light wire mesh and I made custom Black Walnut arms.

The frame will be an enamel white and the cushions will be black brown and white hair-out cowhide. Superior to its inspiration in every way.