7700 Parmer – Demolition (In Progress…)

The 7700 Parmer project is a 90,000+ sq. ft. selective demolition of high tech office space in North Austin. This job has presented challenges from the beginning as is the nature of selective demo in tech buildings (you never know what’s behind that second ceiling).

Loading dock and dumpsters.

Loading dock and dumpsters.




Tile removal with jack hammer.


Wall removal.


Existing windows are covered for protection.




Existing tile will be salvaged.




Stacked tile for salvage

Stacked tile for salvage to the right.

Wall demolition.

Wall demolition.

View From Balcony

View From Balcony





Coordinating with hauling to maximize our daily efficiency is the key to success when working with these volumes.


Gateway Church Project

This project, which included steel work and demolition, is for a church in a shopping center in south Austin.

Front of building

Front of building.

Large sliding steel door.

This sliding steel door will serve as both a room divider and a door.

Alternate view of steel runners.

Alternate view of steel runners.

Two openings in a brick wall.

As part of the project we shored up this wall and made cutouts according to architectural plans.



RTU Support brackets.


Structural support for beam.


This job shows our ability to work in large spaces, and on a big scale. This door is xx feet high, but can be moved by an individual person.

Special thanks to Blue & Associates for using us on this demolition and steel project.

More pictures in gallery.

Castillian Demolition

Although I personally never had the pleasure of living in the Castillian, I did visit many times. Good to see this building will be receiving a face lift/new look.

We are nearing the end of a 4 week demolition project. Tasked with removing concrete from the soffits/overhangs, tearing out walls, and removing the front facade, we are nearly done.

This is our highest profile job to date.